Cultural Resource Management (CRM) doesn’t sound like the most exciting job in the world. It’s a highly qualified role with no glass ceiling for how big your salary could be. Understandably, getting a job isn’t simple. It involves years of education and work in other fields before you can eventually call yourself a CRM. This is an introduction to the required skills and attributes you need to get a job in this field.

Do I Need a College Degree?

Yes, you need a college degree to enter this field. The large majority of managers hold at least a master’s degree. Ideally, you should have a doctorate. You must have a qualification in the fields of history, anthropology, or archaeology. Occasionally, exceptions are made, but this is the best way to ensure you don’t run into any problems with your qualifications.

It doesn’t matter what college you go to. Bigger firms may require a degree from a college in the top 10 or top 25, but this is more a formality. This is a practical role not an academic one, so it’s your experience which matters the most.

How Much Experience Should You Have?

Entry level CRM usually receive a salary of about $45,000. It’s quite a significant pay package for a new manager. To enter this role, you need an extensive amount of experience. Every manager should aim to get some field experience in archaeological digs. You should have about five years of supervisory experience to go alongside this.

These are the only two pieces of experience you absolutely have to have. After this, you can have experience in a lot of things. It can range from marketing experience to money management. Just make sure you get as much experience in a loosely related work environment as possible.

The more experience you have the better chance you have of succeeding. It’s very important to make sure you show experience in leadership.

The Skills of a Good CRM

This is a very complex position to describe. Managers have to demonstrate a full range of professional and personal skills on a regular basis. Here are some of the main skills you can expect to find in a good CRM:

  • The ability to communicate your messages coherently and fluently through speech and writing.
  • Good management skills. These are where those leadership skills come in. You should have real-world examples of times where you’ve come under pressure and pulled through.
  • A creative mind and the ability to think outside the box. Rarely will a project go completely according to plan. Unexpected issues are common in this business and it’s vital you have the nonce to deal with the situation.
  • Experience and knowledge of various state and federal laws. This is arguably the most important because any mistakes can lead to costly legal cases.

The emphasis on certain skills depends on the firm you’re attempting to get a job with. To increase your chances of entering the CRM business, research the firm you’re applying to. Tailor your application and interview to the things they place emphasis on.

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